Tips When Moving Households in the Twin Cities

Read through Edge Real Estate Service’s helpful ways to ensure your household is smooth and on time. Our professional moving tips will help you have more time to enjoy moving to a new home!

Moving Checklist:

Arrange for a Mover or Moving Truck (call early!)

• Ask for referrals from friends
• Your Realtor may have a list of movers s/he has used
• Check yellow pages

Go Through Every Room

• Now is a great time to donate or throw away items you no longer use.

Create a Moving Binder

• Estimates
• Receipts (some expenses are tax deductible!)
• Inventory of everything you are moving

Get Moving Supplies

When families start the process of a move with a plan in place, there is more time to enjoy the experience.

• Cartons, tape, scissors, labels, markers (tip – use a different color of tape for each room)
• Packing material: newspaper, tissue, bubble wrap
• Change your address and get new mailing labels
• Complete a change of address card from the post office so they’ll know where to forward your mail.
• Business associates (Employer, insurance agents, bank, credit card companies, etc)
• Professional Contacts (accountant, attorney, doctor, dentist)
• Magazines and publications (best to send a copy of the mailing label)
• Other contact such as clubs & associations
• Don’t forget your friends!

Cancel Services and Establish at New Location

• Electrical
• Gas/Fuel Oil
• Water/Sewer
• Garbage Collection
• Home security
• Newspapers
• Lawn or Snow Removal
• Cleaning Service
• Telephone

Contact Schools and/or Daycare

• Notify of move
• Get or transfer children’s records or transcripts

Other “Loose Ends” to Check

• Return borrowed items, including library books
• Pick up dry cleaning, laundry or items in for repair
• Obtain medical records
• Get copies of prescriptions
• Make arrangements for pets and children during moving day
• Drain gas & oil from lawn equipment, gas grills, heaters, etc
• Measure furniture and doorways to determine if larger pieces will fit through the door

After the move Check List

• Keep your binder and store it in an easy to remember location
• Get a new driver’s license and auto tags
• Contact the Social Security Administration
• Contact State/Federal Tax Bureaus (IRS)
• Enjoy your new home!

Print and download our  HOUSEHOLD MOVING CHECKLIST  for handy use while packing and moving to a new home.

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