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Minneapolis Home Buyer Resources for Buying a Twin Cities Home

Minneapolis and St. Paul Home Real Estate Buyer Programs are an important resource for prospective home buyers seeking to purchase their first home within the 11-county Twin Cities area. Additionally, the Minnesota Home Ownership Center has a trove of resources to simplify the home buying process.

Before you start your home search, it’s important to figure out what you can afford. This will depend on your income and your expenses—as well as your credit rating, the down-payment amount, and mortgage interest rates. There are many calculators available to give you a rough idea of what you may be able to afford, but talking to a lender* is the best way to get an accurate picture.

Buying a Twin Cities Home: A Starting Point
Review home buying basics. Read tips from Edge Real Estate Services for the best starting point for starting point for Twin Cities homebuyers…
Twin Cities Home Buyers

Buying a Home vs. Renting in St. Paul and Minneapolis
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Home Mortgage Calculator
Start the home buying process by determining how much home you can afford. You can easily estimate monthly house payments with Edge Real Estate.

mortgage calculator

Choosing a Home Loan
With the money saved up for a home down payment, prospective homebuyers are ready to go. Learn about the full range of

Home mortgage options

Choosing a Lender
Determine which option is right for you. As seasoned Twin Cities professional real estate agents, we offer top insights on

how to choose a lender